Pizca Gutiérrez y Diana Montero


O Rocho Talent Agency was born of the professional union of more than 10 years between Pizca Gutiérrez and Diana Montero, with a large career and prestige that comes from the experience of the agency Pizca Gutiérrez.

Our love and passion for the art of acting make possible we do our work with illusion and professionalism.

We believe in talent, we believe in our clients, we built a team, we search quality and growth.

Participating in the most important productions of TV Series and Films of our country, and expanding to other countries, we have got that our clients received the most important awards and they have a stable career with international projection.

Now, we grow searching new talents, new productions, directing our efforts to new prestigious nationals and internationals productions.

Pizca Gutiérrez

She was born in Granada in 1966, but she moves to Madrid when she is only a child. Since 1988 she works in production and co-ordination work in several areas such dance, art publishing, concerts, artistic consulting for official corporations, etc., working in Contemporary Women Artist Association and Contemporary Street Art Movement.

She funds in 1992 the film production company Muac Films S.L. Since then she manages the company as head of production, producing in 1993 the documentary feature film “Sexo Oral” directed by Chus Gutiérrez. She has also produced several short fiction films and documentaries and worked as freelance Production Manager for other companies in feature films such as “Alma gitana” (1994) by Chus Gutiérrez, “En la puta calle ” (1996) by Enrique Gabriel, “Leo”, by José Luis Borau, “Flores de otro mundo ” (1999), “Te doy mis ojos” by Iciar Bollain (“Take my eyes”) (2003) and “Mataharis” (2006) by Iciar Bollain and the feature film “La noche del hermano” (“The Night of the brother”) (2005) by Santiago García de Leániz.

During all her career she is being involved in Board of Directors of several professional Associations as FAPAE and APPA, as well as she has worked as a consultant for new Production Companies building and presenting projects for Institutions.

She was a member of ICAA Film Committee for Feature Films Projects and Coproduction.

Since 18 years ago she coordinates her work as producer with her work as a talent agent, representing actors as Luis Tosar.

Her interest defending and protecting artist rights from the beginning, makes her courses several workshops and courses of Intellectual Property, Self-Distribution, Crowfunding and Coaching and PNL.

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Diana Montero

Diana Montero has a bachelor in History of Art as well as she is a Technical Expert in Business Administration. She’s focused her career to represent actors and actresses. During 10 years she’s been an important value in Pizca Gutierrez Talent Agency, where she begun to work as an assistant in 2005. In this company, despite regular task of management and counseling (casting, contracts, communication, business strategies…), she has developed her work at international area, thanks to her languages skills, especially in English language and French in productions as TV Series MARCO POLO (Netflix) or the film PIRATES OF CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES between others. Also she has a great experience in communication, press and publicity, plus celebrities’ public image. Nowadays, she developed her career as talent agent with Pizca Gutierrez and the actor Luis Tosar in O Rocho Talent Agency.

In the agency business environment, which is so connected with the cinema and entertainment industry, she makes grown her career. With Chus Gutierrez as director and Pizca Gutierrez as producer, she’s been professionally developed in film production with documentaries as “Sacromonte. Los Sabios de la Tribu” (Sacromonte: The wise of the tribe) (2014) or “Droga Oral” (2015, and shorts as El Diario de Manuel” (Manuel’s Diary) (2010), “Me gustaría estar enamorada, a veces me siento muy sola” (I would like to be in love, sometimes I feel alone) (2011), pilot TV Series as “Mis Rita” (2011).

Her interest for her work and to improve every day makes her to complete her resume with professional education as negotiation techniques, Author’s rights, Intellectual Property, Entertainment Job Laws, … etc.

Her inner passion for cinema, performing arts, photography, and arts in general, has contributed to something relevant: sensibility and intuition to develop naturally and efficiently in Fiction Industry. This is an extra value that makes her working with enthusiasm and illusion, keeping abreast with the latest trends and having a great knowledge of audiovisual and scenic media, national and international.

Her admiration and love for acting art are what encourage her professional day by day.